Galaxy Note 20 renders have one questionable S Pen change

If Samsung sticks to its schedule despite moving its event completely online, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 20 in about three months. Of course, there's plenty of time for speculation and leaks, though many pieces are already falling into place. One of the latest offers a more complete picture of what the S Pen-toting phablet could look like but one key detail makes us wonder about its accuracy or Samsung's reason for doing such a small but important change.

The front of the Galaxy Note 20 is rather deceptive as it would suggest very little has changed since the Galaxy Note 10 last year. The form is still mostly square-ish despite the Infinity Display curves and the punch-hole cutout is still in the middle. Only the dimensions handed out by pigtou would indicate how different it would be in size.

The back tells a different story, though one that is not exactly like the Galaxy Note 9 nor exactly like the Galaxy S20 either. It does have the most recent large box design of the Galaxy S20 series but with a narrow yet longer body. No 100X Space Zoom, of course, but the four cameras might still have an interesting story to tell.

The biggest change, aside from the already expected migration of all side buttons to the right side of the phone, is the location of the S Pen. Since the very first Galaxy Note, that has always been on the right side of the phone. These renders suggest that it will be on the left side instead, with an obvious reason for the change.

Granted, these renders are not only unofficial, they are also based on CAD specifications which may not be the final design that Samsung took. If the Galaxy Note 20 does have such a new location for the S Pen, Samsung should have a good explanation for it.