Galaxy Note 20 price leak is jaw-dropping but not in a good way

As usual, Samsung may have nothing left to announce come August when it unveils the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Save for the still important though small details of camera specs, everything that can be known about the stylus-toting phablets has already been leaked to death. We're even getting figures for the two's prices, at least in Europe. If this is correct, and chances are high that they are, Samsung might have yet another difficult time selling these given current global conditions.

We'll cut to the chase and jump immediately into prices the MySmartPrice got via leak source Ishan Agarwal. While these are, of course, unofficial and only in Euros, they may at least reflect the price range that the phones will get in the US and elsewhere. Suffice it to say, they are unsurprisingly high but also disappointingly so.

The Galaxy Note 20 starts at 999 EUR, that's for the 4G model with 256GB of storage. The same configuration with 5G tacked on jumps up to 1,099 EUR. The naturally more expensive Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, though, already starts at 1,349 EUR for 256 GB of storage while twice that capacity will sell for 1,449.

Galaxy Note phones have traditionally been more expensive than their Galaxy S predecessors so this isn't entirely shocking. That said, Samsung is believed to have already cut some corners, especially in the cameras and processor department, in part to curb the superfluous features in the Galaxy S20 series. Unfortunately, it seems that Samsung has found other features to bump up the price anyway.

Even more disappointing is the case of the Galaxy Note 20. While the equivalent Galaxy S20 did start at around the same price range, it is arguably a more feature-filled smartphone as well. Based on recent leaks, the Galaxy Note 20 sounds more like a Lite version that may have some buyers wondering if it's really worth that price tag.