Galaxy Note 20 leaks hint at the improvements that Samsung needs

Ewdison Then - May 14, 2020, 9:43pm CDT
Galaxy Note 20 leaks hint at the improvements that Samsung needs

Calling the Galaxy S20 a moderate success might be too generous. While not exactly a disaster, the reception of Samsung’s latest flagship has been relatively lukewarm due to a combination of a global health crisis, exorbitant pricing, and excessive features. There are rumors that the company might scale back some of those in the Galaxy Note 20 while also pushing forward others. If the latest data drop is any indicator, however, those changes might exactly be what Samsung needs.

It’s still quite early in the game but the source, DSCC’s Ross Young, has had quite a number of accurate hits that raised his profile in the smartphone industry. In a recent Q&A, he details some of the improvements that Samsung will be making to the Galaxy Note 20 and they sound more practical than a disappointing 100X Space Zoom camera.

The Galaxy Note 20 will supposedly adopt a new 3D Sonic Max technology from Qualcomm that increases the sensing area on the screen to 17x its current limits. This could make it more convenient to place your finger almost anywhere near the actual sensor but it doesn’t exactly address concerns about accuracy and security.

Young also says that the Galaxy Note 20+, the larger and more expensive of the two models, will be using an LTPO backplane for its screen. This not only offers more variable refresh rates but also better energy savings than what it has on the Galaxy S20 right now.

While the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+ will differ in size, screen, and battery, they will share many things in common, including 16 GB of RAM. While many will question where that is also excessive, Samsung could use that much memory to push its DeX platform to new heights. Presuming, of course, Samsung DeX is still even alive.

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