Galaxy Note 20 in South Korea comes in new colors you can't have

Given how almost all its devices came in Mystic Bronze, you'd think it was the highlight of Samsung's 2020 color scheme. You could be right but, apparently, the company was also reserving some hues exclusive to its home town. South Korean buyers are apparently getting some preferential treatment in making the Galaxy Note 20 available in three more colors you might not get to buy elsewhere, at least for now.

It's easy to downplay the importance of the default colors that a phone comes in because there are tons of cases available to hide your non-favorite color. Not everyone, however, likes bulking up their phones with additional material and first impressions do always last. Unfortunately, Samsung can't cater to all user preferences but even more irritating is how certain colors are made available only in certain markets for little to no reason at all.

South Korea, for example, will have three colors that weren't shown off at last week's event. Still going with the Mystic theme, a few shops are selling Mystic Red, Mystic Blue, and Mystic Pink options. It's not going to make you want to change residences, of course, but it could have some Galaxy Note fans wishing they could get their hands on one.

The Mystic Red is, like any red phone, always eye-catching and thankfully not that glaring at all. The Mystic Pink, on the other hand, almost looks undecided whether it wants to be Mystic White or Mystic Bronze. Blue, while a personal favorite, is unfortunately already too common these days to actually impress.

The Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are Samsung's attempt to recover from the blow it suffered from the Galaxy S20 sales and the effects of COVID-19. As predicted, it is receiving rather mixed feedback, mostly due to its price tag. Samsung and retail partners will surely throw in some deals and freebies to make the phones look more affordable and having more color options could also help sway some impressions in its favor.