Galaxy Note 20 FE may have been accidentally confirmed by Samsung

There are already rumors swirling that the Galaxy Note 20 isn't doing spectacularly well in the market, forcing Samsung to lower its production target for its latest flagship. Just like with the Galaxy S20 series, however, it might be considering launching a "Fan Edition" that will offer a slightly more accessible option than even the base Galaxy Note 20 model. It's still speculation at this point but someone at Samsung may have just given clues that it actually does exist.

The first time Samsung ever made a Galaxy Fan Edition was to recover from the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. This year, however, it reused that label for a product that was more warmly received, though a bit controversial as well. The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition basically offered something close or even better than the Galaxy S20 base model at an even more affordable price.

If it follows that pattern, a Galaxy Note 20 FE would do the same. There haven't been any rumors about this phone, mostly speculation, but two clues have been spotted on Samsung's own websites that seem to suggest such a phone does exist. That said, it is also certainly possible that these are just typos, especially considering Samsung's product naming schemes.

It does raise the question of what such a phone would offer in the first place. The Galaxy Note 20 is as low as one could get as far as an S Pen phablet is concerned. Samsung could try to go even lower at the risk of harming the Galaxy Note's premium image.

It would also risk irking Galaxy Note 20 owners if Samsung launches such a phone soon. A Galaxy Note 20 FE also doesn't seem to fit yet into Samsung's early 2021 timetable, which is believed to have been pushed earlier than ever before. Then again, the company has been making big and sudden changes to its lineup and schedules to adapt to a fluctuating smartphone market.