Galaxy Note 20 could end up flat but in a good way

Things are starting to heat up around Samsung's big but online-only Unpacked 2020 event, especially considering it might just be two months away. The center of attraction will, of course, be the Galaxy Note 20, even if it will come with quite a high-profile entourage. The next S Pen phablet could be especially controversial, depending on how you look at it, considering the many changes Samsung is reportedly making, including one that backtracks on what the company has held on to for years.

No, Samsung is not getting rid of the S Pen stylus, as some might have feared it would eventually do. That still remains the Galaxy Note's defining feature, at least until it can probably make that a Galaxy Fold exclusive. Fortunately, we're still years away from that, if recent rumors are anything to go by.

What Samsung will reportedly be doing is making the Galaxy Note 20's screen flat again according to Ice universe. Yes, none of that "Infinity Display" curves at the sides. Samsung has adopted curved edge screens on its Galaxy Note line since the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. Granted, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite did have a flat display, which may have been what inspired Samsung to make this small but significant change.

Design-wise, we might see the return of some bezels at the side, contrary to how it has been pushing out those dead spaces. It does, however, make the phone a bit more usable as a writing and drawing device without users worrying about the S Pen slipping over the smooth curved edges. Why Samsung took this long to make that change is still unknown as is the certainty of this leak.

Ice universe also revealed that the Galaxy Note 20's punch-hole camera cutout will have the same size as the Galaxy S20. It's definitely a small hole compared to the Galaxy Note 10's but it will probably also raise concerns on whether the camera behind it will be good enough for selfies and video chats.