Galaxy Fold pre-registration re-opens in China

Depending on who you ask or what feature you are aiming for, the Galaxy Note 10 might be Samsung's best phone yet. Some, however, might still feel that the company's best is still its failed foldable phone. Good thing, then, that Samsung hasn't given up just either. The company has promised the Galaxy Fold would return next month but it never put a date on it. It seems that the day is truly close as it has opened pre-registrations again but, at least for now, only in China.

The Galaxy Fold was supposed to launch back in May to much fanfare and hype by the so-called "influencers" on social media. That, however, turned into a disaster as those same early reviewers reported completely broken phones after just a day or so for various reasons. All of those pointed to Samsung's failure to take into account real-world factors and environments in their reportedly rushed design.

That long saga took many turns but it is finally reaching is the end. Samsung has formally announced the return of the world's second commercially available foldable phone as well as the changes it made to address those concerns. By then, it was nothing new and only confirmed what most have leaked already. Samsung made sure that the outer layer won't be mistaken for a screen protector and intentionally peeled off. It also made sure that dust particles won't be able to get through the gaps in the hinges.

Samsung was confident enough to announce that it was done with those changes and it now seems confident enough to start asking for sign-ups in China. No money will be involved this time, as the pre-registration is just a show of intent. No date has been given for the actual launch, though, whether in China or elsewhere.

Given how those who pre-ordered the aborted Galaxy Fold had to be refunded, it's no surprise Samsung isn't asking for money just yet. Even then, however, some former partners, like carriers and retailers, seem to be no longer interested in carrying the Galaxy Fold again either way.