Galaxy Fold Lite 4G to join the Galaxy Fold 2 this year

Given the troubles of the Galaxy Fold and the relatively modest success of the Galaxy Z Flip, you'd think that Samsung would take it easy with foldable phones this year. Caution, however, has never really been in Samsung's vocabulary (except after the Galaxy Note 7) and, despite the odds that include a COVID-19-infected world, it may actually do more foldables for 2020. While the Galaxy Fold 2 has already been leaked before but a new Galaxy Fold Lite 4G is now making rounds in the rumor mill with a price tag that undercuts even the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell.

Samsung has long been leaked to be working on a device with the codename Win2 or Winner2 but it has been presumed it was simply the Galaxy Fold 2. The appearance of a Winner2 5G, however, suggests there might be two foldable devices in the making. According to the latest rumors, that second non-5G phone is actually a Galaxy Fold Lite 4G.

The specs for this unexpected phone are still uncertain but it might a Frankenstein of hardware from the past 2 or 3 years. It would use Ultra-Thin Glass or UTG, of course, but the lack of 5G differentiates it from Samsung's foldable phones. It might also mean that it won't be using the Snapdragon 865 in it.

That odd combination of specs is supposedly meant to push the price down to an unbelievable $1,099. For comparison, the Galaxy Z Flip, currently the most affordable in the foldable phone market, sells for $1,380. How Samsung will manage to make that possible is still a mystery but it could definitely work considering the base Galaxy S20 goes for $1,000 already.

As for the Galaxy Fold 2, a new leak suggests that this year's color selection will be black and brown, though that doesn't really mean there won't be others in some markets. This second Galaxy Fold is also expected to cost lower than its predecessor but the $1,800 might not be much.