Galaxy Fold AT&T pre-orders have been cancelled

JC Torres - Jun 13, 2019, 5:38 am CDT
Galaxy Fold AT&T pre-orders have been cancelled

The Samsung Galaxy Fold saga continues to be a rollercoaster ride with highs and lows and it hasn’t even shipped yet. In fact, there’s still some doubt whether it’ll still ship at all, despite rumors and leaks claiming it will. AT&T isn’t taking much stock in those unofficial sources, though, as it has cancelled pre-orders for the market’s firs major foldable phone. While it still leaves the door open for future orders, it effectively raises doubts how soon that will happen if at all.

AT&T is hardly the first one to cancel pre-orders for consumers. Best Buy did that last month and Samsung itself warned buyers that if they didn’t confirm their pre-orders, those would automatically be cancelled. All throughout, however, AT&T remained rooted on the stop. Not anymore.

Tom’S Guide received a copy of an e-mail from the carrier informing buyers that it has cancelled those pre-orders. For the inconvenience that it didn’t cause, AT&T will be giving those effected a $100 Promotion Card. Any charges used to reserve the phone will be fully refunded as well.

The email does mention that buyers can pre-order again if and when Samsung announces the new release date. Unofficially, the company said it will give word of a new date in the coming weeks. Or it could be giving word it will be cancelling the Galaxy Fold entirely.

With just a few weeks before that expected announcement and weeks after the first cancellations occured, one has to ask why AT&T took so long to act. It could cause some to wonder if AT&T received some information on a far longer delay. That or perhaps Samsung wasn’t exactly communicating properly with its retail and carrier partners enough to give them a date to hold on to.

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