Galaxy Fold 2 is coming in April with two big changes

Samsung and industry insiders report that the Galaxy Fold keeps on selling out everywhere it launches. That is almost hard to believe since the prohibitive $2,000 price tag and limited availability makes it an extremely rare item. Regardless of the accuracy of those reports, Samsung seems to still believe in the vision of foldable phones, except that vision may be changing before the next Galaxy Fold debuts next year.

Samsung may be taking its time before it unveils the yet to be named Galaxy Fold 2. It announced the first Galaxy Fold earlier in February but, thanks to a series of problems, it didn't fully launch the phone until just last month. Hopefully, the waiting time for the Galaxy Fold 2 will be shorter.

That said, Samsung is changing more than just the timing. According to industry sources, the company is looking into using Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) as the protective layer to replace the transparent polyimide (PI) film currently used on the Galaxy Fold. This, in theory, would give it better protection against scratches, something the plastic-like protection can't provide.

The changes don't stop there, though. Those same sources say that the next Galaxy Fold won't be like the current Galaxy Fold. It will fold down vertically like a clamshell instead of like a book. This goes hand in hand with the reduced screen size of 6.7 inches, which will be taller/longer than it is wide.

This reported change is attributed to Samsung focusing more on portability rather than having a large screen, which is the appeal it is making with the Galaxy Fold. However, some are saying that Samsung is actually still undecided and might even put out a larger Galaxy Fold 2 with an 8.1-inch screen instead.