Galaxy Fold 2 could be a dream come true if it actually works

The first Galaxy Fold was the thing of tech dreams, promising a phone that doubles as a tablet or vice versa. The harsh reality was that it failed to meet expectations, unsurprising for a first-gen product. That leaves plenty of room for a successor to rise up to the challenge but also plenty of opportunities to raise expectations even higher. Based on new leaked details about the Galaxy Fold 2, it could be either or both.

One of the Galaxy Fold's biggest flaws was its extremely fragile screen. Samsung aimed to correct that by using Ultra-Thin Glass or UTG on the Galaxy Z Flip foldable clamshell to some amount of success but it still needed a layer of plastic to protect it from scratches. That's why it's surprising to hear rumors that Samsung is working on an improved plastic material with the goal of making the galaxy Fold 2 compatible with the S Pen.

That alone is already a significant upgrade from last year's foldable phone but Samsung isn't stopping there either. Gather information from various resources, XDA paints a picture of a Galaxy Fold 2 with a 120 Hz 7.6-inch 2213x1689 main screen. Ben Gaskin paints an almost literal picture of that as well.

It isn't just the internal screen that's getting a huge face lift. Even the secondary external one grows from 4.6 inches to 6.23, taking up almost the entire surface of the folded half, minus a punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera. It doesn't really address the narrowness of the second screen but it at least fixes complaints about how compressed the first version was.

This is definitely mouth-watering information for those still holding on to the foldable phone dream and, to be fair, Samsung does have the capability to pull it off. Whether it can pull it off successfully without the kinks that the first Galaxy Fold experienced is another question entirely.