Galaxy Core Advance accessories aim at accessibility for all

Back in December, we talked about a new smartphone from Samsung called the Galaxy Core Advance. The smartphone has a 4.7-inch screen with WVGA resolution and dedicated buttons for the camera, volume, voice recorder, and more. The phone was designed with accessibility in mind for people that might not want to use or be able to use a touchscreen easily.

Several new accessories have been announced for the device that are clearly aimed at users that have disabilities. For people who are blind or have limited eyesight, a special case has been announced. The case is called the Ultrasonic Cover and it is able to detect obstacles along a path and will tell the user when an obstacle is detected by vibrating the smartphone and a TTS warning they can hear.

Another accessory for the smartphone is the optical Scan Stand. The smartphone is placed on the top of the stand and can then be used to scan printed material placed on the base of the stand. The smartphone opens the correct app automatically when printed material is placed below the phone.

The final interesting accessory for the device is the Voice Label. The user can place the tags on items that will trigger recorded audio notes. Once the audio is recoded that goes a long with a tag, all the user needs to do is tap the smartphone on the tag to replay the audio. These accessories are all available via Samsung now with unknown pricing.

SOURCE: Android Community