Galaxy Chromebook with 16GB of RAM may be in the works

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is quite the looker with its Fiesta Red hue and it does have some muscle to show for with the 10th gen Intel Core i5. But with a $1,000 price tag, you'd expect it to give a bit more. Sadly, one aspect where the Chrome OS convertible falls short of expectation is RAM but that may not be for long. That is if it's really the case that the company is preparing a variant that offers 16GB of RAM instead of just half.

On a technical level, the current Galaxy Chromebook's 8GB RAM might be enough for most use cases. Chromebooks are being advertised mostly for Web-based uses, with some Android apps in between. They aren't exactly known for resource-intensive applications or workflows, partly because of a lack of software for those.

Still, you might be able to find Windows 10 convertibles at the same $1,000 mark with a bit more hardware to boast of. The launch of the $750 ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 with nearly the same specs (sans the stylus) also paints the Galaxy Chromebook in a less favorable light.

Chrome Unboxed saw some changes to the Chrome OS source code hinting that "Kohaku", the code name used for the Galaxy Chromebook, was getting support for 16 GB of RAM. Whether this is for the current Galaxy Chromebook or another future model still isn't certain but the probability might be enough for some buyers to hold off on making a purchase right now. That is if they weren't already holding off for a discount sale anyway.

16GB of RAM would go well with 512GB of storage, though there doesn't seem to be any indication that the latter will be an option. That said, if the Galaxy Chromebook with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage already costs $1,000 now, one can only imagine how much more memory would cost buyers when this variant comes out.