Galaxy Chromebook and its 4K screen is now available in the US

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Along with the surge in users on the Internet, there has also been a rise in the purchases of computers and especially laptops in the past weeks and months. This is mostly connected by the need to take work home during quarantine and shelter-in-place periods. Unfortunately, that fell outside the launch window of many new notebook computers that just got announced last week. The Galaxy Chromebook, however, was announced way back in January and it's only now that it's landing in the US to give Chrome OS users a stylish but expensive option.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is admittedly one of the prettier options in this class of devices, especially when you consider the Fiesta Red color. It isn't all show, however, as it also boasts of quite a few high-end features, starting with the 10th gen Intel Core i5-10210U processor that is sadly paired with a moderate amount of RAM at 8GB only.

That much power is needed to drive the 13.3-inch 4K display that flips backward to transform from laptop to tablet. The latter form is perfect for those times when you need to scribble something using the Samsung Pen that conveniently hides inside the body of the device. No more losing the stick or even charging it.

This combination of hardware features makes the Galaxy Chromebook a bit unique among the Chrome OS brood. Few of those, even Google's own, support a stylus input on a high-end and high-resolution computing device. Then again, Chrome OS itself doesn't have as many apps to take advantage of those if not for the fact that it can support some Android apps as well.

The Galaxy Chromebook would have probably been perfect if not for the hefty $999.99 price tag it carries. Yes, Samsung is offering trade-in credit that could pull the price as far down as $549.99. It's still something that only the most ardent Chrome OS user might be willing to pay.