Galaxy Buds+ Red color option is now available in the US

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Smartphones and accessories have become so common that they are no longer just gadgets for the tech-savvy. They've become extensions of ourselves and are often used to reflect our personalities, often through skins and cases or, if possible, even bare and naked colors. Given that, it probably shouldn't be surprising that there's a certain amount of excitement over a new variant of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ that is now being made available in the US, letting buyers insert very glaring red pieces of plastic in their ears.

For those who value utility and performance over looks anyway, they won't be too disappointed with the Galaxy Buds+ of any color. You can read up our detailed review of Samsung's latest in-ear truly wireless earbuds but let me give you the gist of it. You are getting a rather good deal and a well-balanced product for its price.

It's not perfect, of course, and the lack of higher waterproof rating bites harder than having no active noise cancellation. Those are pretty much expected to be standard in wireless earphones these days and could be the Galaxy Buds+ biggest flaws. Those that do have those features, though, may also have higher price tags with arguable audio output.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds+, it showed them off in four colors of Black, White, Blue, and, surprisingly, Red. Given the company's long-standing practice, though, it was certain when or even if the company would bring anything other than Black, White, and Blue to the US, at least not until it actually made them available for purchase.

Fortunately for crimson lovers, the Red Galaxy Buds+ is indeed now available for the very same price you'd pay for those other boring colors. Sadly, it seems that Samsung won't be making the Pink color available stateside, perhaps preferring to keep it a home court advantage.