Galaxy Buds Pro to drop the bean shape based on leaked image

Not to be outdone by its biggest rival, Samsung has also given a lot more focus to its own Bluetooth earbuds, moving away from the old "Gear" brand and into a more consistent Galaxy Buds name. Despite sharing the same name, however, Samsung's earbuds hardly resemble each other in terms of appearances. The most recent Galaxy Buds Live, previously known as the Galaxy Beans, definitely take the cake but it seems that Samsung will be dropping that shape for something more traditional in its next iteration.

Sticking to a single "Galaxy Buds" name pretty much forces you to come up with suffixes to differentiate one from the other. But unlike Apple who has pretty much stuck to the same design in all its versions of the AirPods, Samsung is once again changing its truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds yet again for next year's cycle.

Word about what is believed to be called the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has started going around the Internet. Details about these accessories are still extremely thin at the moment, its existence simply confirmed by an FCC listing. Thanks to Evan Blass, a.k.a. evleaks, however, we're also getting a brief glimpse at what these buds will look like.

At first glance, the Galaxy Buds Pro depicted above look more like the Galaxy Buds+. Upon closer inspection, however, the pair seem to share the shiny luster of the Galaxy Live "Beans". It seems that Samsung's idea is to combine the eye-catching premium surface of the Galaxy Live with a more familiar shape of the Galaxy Buds+.

This hybrid design applies even to the battery case, which is more square like the Galaxy Buds Live while housing the same Galaxy Buds+ design. There still seems to be some uncertainty whether the new buds will also get a battery upgrade but we're sure to hear more about those if the Galaxy Buds Pro are scheduled to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 next month.