Galaxy Buds Pro show up at Staples ahead of official launch

Samsung is no stranger to leaks of its upcoming products but these days it's almost ridiculous how detailed those can be. Sometimes, that's in no small part thanks to retailers who might have been too eager to sell these items ahead of everyone else. It seems that popular Canadian retailer Staples has joined that club with the Samsung Galaxy "Attic", a.k.a. the Galaxy Buds Pro, not that we needed more leaked information about these anyway.

Samsung will be holding its early Unpacked event in just a few days, of course, but the devices it will be announcing there have already been leaked to death anyway. Not just the Galaxy S21 phones, mind, but even the Galaxy Smart Tags trackers and these Galaxy Buds Pro. Still, seeing it listed in a semi-official way, including the price tag, is still interesting to see with just days to spare.

Staples' listings confirm much of the features we've already heard about but also adds a little more detail to flesh it out. There is, for example, the 5-hour battery life for a single charge, admittedly impressive for small buds such as these. It also mentions the 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter that can be found in each bud.

Then again, we've already seen an extremely hands-on of the Galaxy Buds Pro, one that also tested the ANC and Ambient Sound features. Unfortunately, the ANC was noted not to be the best but we'll have to hear for ourselves if that will still be true in the final production version of the hardware and the companion app.

Perhaps the biggest detail that this leak confirms is the 264.99 CAD price tag, roughly translating to $210. The Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to cost around $199, though, and anything higher could be a point against it, especially if audio quality won't be able to justify that figure.