Galaxy Buds+ gets a pink version in South Korea

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As wireless headphones, earbuds, and speakers become more commonplace, they also start to become lifestyle choices more than just audio accessories. Although performance and comfort are of utmost importance, style and appearance have also become a deciding factor for some buyers. Unfortunately, wireless earbuds are harder to skin compared to smartphones so consumers in South Korea should probably consider themselves lucky to have access to an all-new pink Galaxy Buds+.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is already available in four colors, at least the colors that most people seem to gravitate to. It's pretty much the basic Black, White, "Cloud" Blue, and Red. Of course, people's tastes run the gamut of colors but Samsung can't really accommodate them all. It has, however, been known to try and market variants targeted at specific audiences.

And so it's not really a surprise that it has come out with a pink version of the Galaxy Buds+, though some would probably wish it weren't exclusive to the market. In fact, the buds are available in open markets for around 173,000 KRW. Ironically, the Red Galaxy Buds+ is the one that's exclusive to carrier KT.

Beyond the pink color, it's pretty much the same Galaxy Buds+ in all other markets, which isn't exactly a bad thing. As we've elaborated in our lengthy review, it is quite the improvement over its non-plus predecessor.

That said, Samsung has a lot of competition in this space and the Galaxy Buds+ flaws may be deal breakers for many consumers that now expect noise cancellation and especially waterproofing to be standard on such earpieces. For $150, though, it still makes a convincing proposition, especially if it actually comes in the color you prefer.