Galaxy Book Fold 17 could be Samsung's first foldable laptop

Microsoft may have given up on the idea of foldable Windows PCs, whether single or dual screens, but other OEMs have taken up the slack. Although ASUS' Project Precog dual-screen device is just a concept prototype, Lenovo did launch the ThinkPad X1 Fold and its foldable screen in the market last year. Now it seems that Samsung could be following suit to prove its expertise in all things foldable with a Galaxy Book Fold 17 that might be coming soon.

Everyone wants bigger or extra screens, even those with already big monitors on laptops and desktops. On the flip side, some people also prefer more portable devices, but the balance between these two aspects has always been difficult to pull off with conventional devices. Foldable devices try to offer a different solution, though not without their own compromises.

Ever the dreamer, Samsung's display-making arm teased some of the innovations it has been working on back in May. To some extent, some of those have already come to pass, with foldable screens and under-screen cameras already present in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Of course, that's still phone or tablet-sized and far from the vision that Samsung has in its mind.

Ice universe just recently dropped the name "Galaxy Book Fold 17" and left the Internet wondering what it could possibly mean. Ben Geskin then reminded the Web about Samsung's 17-inch foldable laptop from the video above, trying to connect the dots between the two.

For tech enthusiasts, it could be another exciting demonstration of the future of computing. Those who have experienced the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold first-hand, however, might be more cautiously optimistic instead. That said, no sources have hinted at a date for this Galaxy Book Fold 17, but it might not be that far off, perhaps depending on how Windows 11 turns out to be more suited for such a form factor.