Galaxy A22 4G and 5G leak paints a confusing picture

There was a time when Samsung was close to rival Nokia in terms of the number of confusing handsets but the company promised to consolidate its smartphone lines. Instead, it now has a confusing number of handsets under Galaxy A, Galaxy M, and even some remaining Galaxy J families. The confusion even continues with variants of the same model, like the Galaxy A22 4G and 5G models that seem to offer a mixed bag of features, at least based on this latest leak.

The Galaxy A22 comes from a line of phones most popular for being some of the best options in the budget smartphone market. These days, however, even budget phones are being given 5G capabilities but if you think that the Galaxy A22 5G is more feature-packed than its 4G-only sibling, you'll be in for a surprise.

Based on leaked renders and information from 91mobiles and popular tipster Ishan Agarwal, the 4G and 5G models of the Galaxy A22 balance each other out. While the Galaxy A22 5G does have 5G capabilities, it seems to lose one 2MP camera in the process. It also apparently only has a 6.4-inch LCD screen and has its fingerprint sensor underneath the power button off to the side.

The Galaxy A22 4G, on the other hand, gets an AMOLED panel of the same size and has 48MP, 5MP, and two 2MP cameras in exchange for not having 5G connectivity. Aside from those, the two are nearly identical not only in appearance but also in the 5,000 mAh battery they pack inside.

In other words, the Galaxy A22 5G gets some slightly lower specs in exchange for its 5G support while the Galaxy A22 4G gets the most in terms of hardware specs. It's likely that Samsung designed the two this way to keep them at somewhat similar prices and it will be interesting to see if this strategy works out in the end.