Galaxy A13 5G 50MP camera might be the start of a new trend

A lot of attention is given to Samsung's high-end and more expensive smartphones, which isn't surprising since that is what the company's marketing machinery tries to push to consumers' consciousness anyway. There is, however, also a plethora of choices under Samsung's name that address different markets and consumers with different needs and, most importantly, budgets. These are often left by the wayside when it comes to mobile technology innovations, but it seems that Samsung will be giving its Galaxy A series some TLC, starting with a humble Galaxy A13 5G.

That "5G" in the name alone already suggests a very significant jump since phones on the lower tiers of the Galaxy A series aren't exactly expected to support it. This will probably mark the Galaxy A13 5G as Samsung's most affordable 5G handset, displacing even the Galaxy A52 and its successors. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on what processor will bring that capability to the phone.

What GalaxyClub is more interested in, however, is the phone's reported main camera. It will have a 50MP imaging sensor, which is a first for its family. It won't be the same ISOCELL GN5 that will is expected to be used on the Galaxy S22, of course, but it's still a considerable upgrade for an entry-level Galaxy A phone.

This upgrade might be in line with Samsung's reported push to upgrade the Galaxy A series' photography prowess. According to a recent report, the entire Galaxy A line next year will be given a main camera with OIS. That, however, might be reserved for likes of a Galaxy A23, Galaxy A53, or Galaxy A73, leaving the Galaxy A13 with no OIS but a larger sensor.

As to when the phone will launch, that is still up in the air. The Galaxy A12 pictured above debuted in November, and Samsung might follow that schedule again. The Galaxy A13 5G is also expected to carry a large 5,000 mAh battery, though the 5G connection might drain that faster than its predecessor did.