Galaxy A11 silently joins Samsung's mid-range troop

The Galaxy S20 series, especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, has unsurprisingly been the topic of many smartphone news and reviews, overshadowing even the Galaxy Z Flip. Those aren't Samsung's only phones for this year, of course, and it's only a matter of time before it announces the rest of its 2020 lineup. It still hasn't made such an announcement but it seems that a certain Galaxy A11 has suddenly popped up to get that ball slowly rolling.

Given all the attention the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series get, it's all too easy to forget Samsung has other phones in its lineup. Consumers in other countries don't forget because they rely more on these affordable handsets for their Android fix. The Galaxy A11 might not win any awards but for those who only trust Samsung, it might be one of the very few options they have.

An unnamed 1.8 GHz octa-core processor runs the show, assisted by 2 or 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Those specs and the 6.4-inch HD+ screen clearly earmark it for the lower mid-range category, away from its A7X and A9X cousins. It even has a fingerprint scanner on its back, a feature from Samsung's past.

The company is throwing Samsung fans a bone or two, of course. There's the somewhat modern design of a punch-hole cutout in the corner of the screen. There are also three cameras on its back, but don't expect much from the 13 megapixel camera, 5 megapixel ultra-wide, and 2 megapixel depth sensor.

Given there's still no official announcement or even product availability, it's still up in the air how really affordable this entry-level Samsung Galaxy A11 will be. Even more importantly, Samsung has also yet to reveal where it will be available in the first place.