Galaxies come in all shapes of the alphabet

The cosmos is an amazing place. The things astronomers and scientists discover scattered around the universe are incredible. Thanks to a group of volunteers participating in the online Galaxy Zoo project, we can now literally say that galaxies come in all shapes of the alphabet.

Volunteers participating in the project have found galaxies that resemble every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. Look at the image above, and you can see these letter shaped galaxies in use spelling out our own cosmic message. The Galaxy Zoo project sought help from regular fans of space exploration to classify galaxies by shape and so far, 250,000 people have participated.

Those 250,000 people have sorted through approximately 1,000,000 images freeing scientists up to study other things. Among the rather odd findings of the participants are galaxies shaped like every letter of the alphabet. Another interesting find is a galaxy that was shaped like a penguin, which sounds like a good candidate for a new Linux logo.

If you want to participate in the project, you can hit up and feast your eyes on over 250,000 brand-new images of galaxies added this week. The most amazing part about those 250,000 new images is that most of them have never been seen by human eyes before.