G-Dog Servo Robot Puppy

G-Robots has created a tiny robot dog kit that actually seems like it would be a lot of fun. The kit appears to be fairly easy to assemble making it great for just about anyone. This robot's movements are pretty amazing, it is able to get itself off of the ground with almost no trouble at all.

Perhaps the most impressive thing this robot can do is move from position to position very quickly, you really have to see it to believe it. Many of the movements this little robotic dog does are very impressive when compared to what similar gadgets have been able to do in the past. You simply have to see it to believe it.

"Nine small RS304MD servos (new command TTL/ PWM system) are used for the G-Dog. The G-Dog is a high performance and reasonably-priced four-leg robot coming with Processing Unit and Motion Editor. The G-Dog comes with 9 command-type robot servos and each servo has its own command ID. More servos can be added using a hub and no complex wiring is required. Command-type Control Servo contains a built-in CPU. Since servos receive commands for speed and directions for each movement and operate according to the commands, there is less load on Processer. Built-in Temperature Sensor turns off power when servo temperature becomes too high. Servo operation characteristics can be changed according to preferred speed and torque. All the servos are calibrated and have the same performance."