FX renews 'Fargo' for a third season

If you haven't been watching FX's relatively new television series Fargo, it's safe to get started, as the series appears to be in it for the long haul. FX has renewed Fargo for a third season, doing so after garnering ample praise for its suspenseful, well-made series. The network made the decision to renew it for another season despite being only half way through season 2. It isn't clear when season 3 will premiere.Fargo, for those unfamiliar, is based on the movie by the same name. The show has been a critical success, and has managed to sustain favorable ratings over its relatively short existence. The series was created by Noah Hawley, who will again be returning for the third season.

The show's first season aired in April of last year, and was based on the 90s hit movie. The second season, meanwhile, didn't start until this past October, and is set in a trio of cities, including Fargo, in 1979. There are three murder investigations underway and a dedicated effort to cover up a hit-and-run incident.

It isn't clear what storyline the third season will revolve around. Said FX's Eric Schrier, "Year 2 of Fargo is an extraordinary achievement and, given Noah Hawley's masterful storytelling, we can't wait to see where the third, all-new version of Fargo takes us."

SOURCE: Deadline