Futuremark launches a new version of 3DMark for Windows

Shane McGlaun - Feb 5, 2013
Futuremark launches a new version of 3DMark for Windows

For a number of years one of the ways that gamers laid claim the bragging rights for having the fastest computer around was by using benchmarks such as 3DMark. The company behind the benchmark is called Futuremark Corporation. A new version of 3DMark is now available for download and purchase.

The first available version of the new benchmark is for Windows computer users only. The application is intended to help users benchmark Windows hardware and includes three different tests. The software is appropriate for testing using tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers.

Often this benchmark suite is used by computer gamers or PC enthusiasts who overclock their hardware and go for benchmark records. Futuremark says that versions of the new 3DMark for Android, Windows RT, and iOS will be coming in the future. The free version of the new benchmark suite including the tests Fire Strike, Cloud Gate, and Ice Storm is available for download right now.

Futuremark says that Fire Strike is designed to test high-performance gaming PCs. Cloud Gate is designed specifically for testing notebooks and typical home computers. The last of the three tests, Ice Storm, is intended to test tablets and entry-level computers. Users wanting to be able to run each test individually and make custom settings can get an Advanced Edition for $24.99 or a Professional Edition for businesses and commercial use for $995.

[via Futuremark]

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