Futuremark delays 3DMark 11, geeks saddened

Shane McGlaun - Dec 1, 2010, 4:51 am CST
Futuremark delays 3DMark 11, geeks saddened

In the land of the computer geek, one of the apps that is used to show who has the biggest e-penis is 3DMark. When a new version of the app is announced geeks get all excited at the prospect of being the first to set records and hit milestones using the app. Undoubtedly with the new version of the app, 3DMark 11, being announced and expected soon geeks were all excited about benchmarking.

If you are one of the geeks that have been looking forwards to getting your hands on the new app some sad news has been announced. Futuremark has decided to delay the launch of 3DMark 11 to patch some bugs in the program. Futuremark’s Oliver Baltuch wrote in an email, “Over the weekend we made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of 3DMark 11 by a few days. Our aim is to provide accurate, reliable and consistent results from the start. With that goal in mind we taking some extra time to fix a couple of difficult bugs rather than patching the benchmark immediately after release. It might take one day, it might take one week but either way we’ll be in touch again soon to confirm the new launch date and send you your review copy and complimentary press license. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Some rumors are expecting the app to launch on December 3, which is only a few days from now. Consumers that have pre-ordered the new app will see a delay as well. However, in an effort to help make the delay a bit more palatable for folks the Futuremark team is offering users a free copy of its online shooter Shattered Horizons.

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