Future Sonics unveils new Atrio Special Edition pro earphones

Shane McGlaun - Oct 28, 2010
Future Sonics unveils new Atrio Special Edition pro earphones

Future Sonics has a wide range of earphones for music fans to choose from. We have reviewed the companies Atrio M8 earphones in the past and decided if you could afford the expensive earphones you would not be disappointed. As much as we liked the M8 earphones, I can only imagine how good the new Atrio Special Edition earphones would have to be.

These new earphones use a new MG7 transducer and TrueTimbre audio features for rich and full sound with an eco friendly package. The earphones are also known as the ASE earphones and have the proprietary Future Sonics studio grade dynamic driver. The earphones can be picked up at Airport Wireless stores for $229.

Features include dynamic drivers that can reproduce frequencies below 150Hz better than multiple driver designs are capable of. The earphones are lightweight and have multiple ear tips for a comfortable fit. The earphones have a response range from 18Hz to 20,000Hz and a sensitivity level of 112dB @ 30Hz. They also ship with a zipper case made from rubber reclaimed from old inner tubes.

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