Future Kinect could detect tone of voice: scanning sees new development

In a new interview with MCV, head of Kinect development Kudo Tsunoda has said that a future version of the motion-tracking unit may be able to detect the tone of your voice, as well as body language. Tsunoda says the Kinect team is "really interested right now is creating experiences that help you develop real world skills."

The team was impressed by Mass Effect 3 and the narrative found within the game, and want to aim to achieve something similar with Kinect in the future. Tsunoda went on to say: "We want to get to the stage where not only can Kinect detect what you're saying but also tone of voice and body stance, and work that into the narrative. There are some really compelling experiences to be gained from that."

Meanwhile, third party developers continue to take a keen interest in the Kinect. Many attempts have been made to scan real world objects with the Kinect sensor and turn them into 3D avatars, and a new demo hasĀ achievedĀ the best results yet. A demo video of ReconstructMe shows the potential of the software, and is free to download. Using a Windows PC and a Kinect, you can freely scan objects and generate 3D models, even using them with a 3D printer.

One 3D model enthusiast, Tony Buser, has modified the Kinect to make it easier to scan objects. First he added a hand-held grip that allows him to move the Kinect more easily, and then he added a pair of reading glasses to the Kinect sensors to that it can scan objects in close proximity more easily.

[via VG247]