Funtab Pro Android tablet is just for kids

Any parent who has a tablet or smartphone knows that kids love to play with gadgets. Gadgets, like tablets, are very interesting to children and there are lots of apps and other content available that you can run on a tablet to help kids learn while they're having fun. The problem for most parents is that tablets are expensive and not all the content your typical tablet can access is appropriate for children.

Ematic has announced a new tablet aimed specifically at kids called the

Major apps and features that come preloaded on the tablet include interactive storybooks, video mail, and an art studio. The interactive story books mode allows parents to record themselves reading to their kid using the integrated front camera and then the child can play the recording back whatever they want. The tablet is able to run other apps such as Angry Birds and more.

The hardware specifications for the tablet include a 1 GHz processor, and the tablet has 1 GB of RAM. The tablet has 8 GB of internal storage and the tablet has a microSD card slot for memory expansion. That memory card slot supports up to 32 GB of additional storage. The seven-inch screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 and supports multitouch. The tablet also has a front and rear camera along with integrated Wi-Fi. The battery promises eight hours of continuous use per charge, and the tablet sells for $149.99.