Fun Xercise Bike controller for Wii makes gaming exercise

Getting kids to exercise today can be hard, especially if they are interested in video games. Thankfully, the Wii is a much more active gaming experience than other consoles and if you add something like the Fun Xercise Bike to the mix kids get a workout while they play.

The FXB is a bike controller for the Wii that works with games like Mario Kart. The steering wheel attachment for the Wii controller is attached to the bike. The bike resistance is magnetically adjustable.

At first, I thought that the peddling was what made the on screen character move, but the peddling has no effect on the character on screen. The user can stop pedaling and the game will play the same. The bike folds for storage and measures 17.5 " x 53" x 22" when unfolded. The bike can be ordered now for $99 plus shipping.