Fujitsu's CK800 Will Take A Licking And Keep On Ticking

I'm not that picky about my personal cell phones. In fact I kept my first one for three years until it finally quit working after being dropped a thousand times and then "mysteriously" crushed while apparently no one was around. Basically, if it works it's fine by me.

Fujitsu has a new phone that seems like it will take just about anything thrown at it, or that you throw it at. It's both shock and water resistant and it comes with an external AA battery charger. A little bit of digging didn't uncover much of anything for the abilities of the phone itself, all the usual suspects there.

It seems its sturdiness is its best feature but don't think it's invulnerable. A high drop will break the screen but as long as your vanity is in check the phone might still work. It looks like they are trying market it for the outdoorsy/clumsy types, though I didn't find a price anywhere.

Durable and water resistant from china [via GEARFUSE]