Fujitsu shows off AIO packing 3D camera

Fujitsu has its own Fujitsu Forum 2010 in full swing in Tokyo this week and the company is showing off all sorts of new gear that will hit the market eventually. Among the gear are new computers, a weird bear robot we have already talked about, and other products.

There isn't much information on the technology or features of the all in one computer, but Fujitsu is showing off a new AIO rig that has a 3D camera for 3D video conferencing. The AIO clearly has a pair of cameras that work together to allow for 3D video conferencing.

Fujitsu does say that glasses are required to view the 3D effects. Fujitsu is mum on when/if the AIO or any other computer with a 3D camera would come to market, but the tech behind the rig has made it out of the labs at Fujitsu so presumably it will turn up eventually.