Fujitsu Lifebook E741/C has contactless palm vein scanner

Shane McGlaun - Apr 22, 2011, 7:02 am CDT
Fujitsu Lifebook E741/C has contactless palm vein scanner

I mentioned earlier this morning that Fujitsu had whipped out a pair of cool notebook computers that both have an integrated pico projector option. Those machines are pretty coo, but they aren’t the only new offerings for Fujitsu for its Lifebook line up. The new Lifebook E741/C has also been unveiled and it has a really cool bit of tech as well for user authentication. It has a little square on the right side of the chassis under the keyboard that looks like a small track pad.

That little square is actual a palm vein reader that can see the unique vein structure in your palm and verify you are the correct user without you actually having to touch the palm to the vein reader. Other than the cool palm reader, the computer is your average business focused rig. It has a 15.6-inch screen and uses the Core i7-2620M CPU. The screen has a 1366 x 768 resolution and it has an Intel QM67 Express Chipset.

Other features include a 160GB HDD, and 1GB of RAM. It would be safe to assume that this machine also has WiFi onboard. The OS is Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and it will sell for 240,135 yen in Japan when it lands in the middle of May. The computer also has a cool power adapter that will stop drawing power when the battery is fully charged. That means that it consumes no power when if plugged in when the battery is fully charged.

[via PCWatch.impress]

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