Fujitsu Biodegradable LifeBook

So apparently that most prevalent crop of Indiana, corn, is good for more than sustenance. Fujitsu is now producing a laptop, a LifeBook to be precise, that is made from cornstarch.

So, the best part about this laptop is that since its chassis is derived from corn, the resources used to manufacture it not only make it biodegradable, but are also renewable resources. Sadly its only available in Japan right now.

The big deal is the process that takes starch from, well, all things starchy (corn, potatoes, the like) and turns it into a plastic. This process include lots of chemistry type of stuff that ends in a polylactide that is used to make several device, well its used by Fujitsu, other companies have yet to adopt the technology since it is expensive.

Fujitsu Laptop with Biodegradable Chassis [via PCWorld]