Fujifilm unveils FinePix REAL 3D V3 glasses-free 3D photo frame

Since there are a growing number of smartphones and devices touting the ability to capture 3D images and videos, there ought to be more ways to display and share them as well. And that's what Fujifilm has to offer with its latest FinePix REAL 3D V3 digital viewer that's essentially a digital photo frame capable of displaying glasses-free 3D images and videos.

The FinePix REAL 3D V3 digital viewer features a 7.2-inch screen with up to a 10,000 x 10,000 maximum resolution and is able to display media in both 3D and 2D. It supports 720p HD movie playback and also features a brighter display than its predecessor. It comes with a remote control and has 512MB of internal memory, stereo speakers, SD card slots, USB port, and an added HDMI port.

Fujifilm claims that the addition of the HDMI port is a world's first for such a 3D digital viewer and it means that you'll be able to connect the frame to other 3D-compatible devices like the FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera and Blue-ray disc players. The device will be shipping in Japan starting November 12 for US$640 but an international release date and price has not yet been announced.

[via PopPhoto]