Fujifilm debuts small Mini 50S instant camera

When I was a kid, everyone used the Polaroid instant camera. The sound of those things spitting out a photo is ingrained in my memory. Today we all use digital photos and that is ideal in most instances. However, there are times when you want a photo right then that you can share. In this instance, you may be wishing for that old school Polaroid camera. Fujifilm has announced a new camera in Canada that is called the Instax Mini 50S.

The camera is a small square that has an instant print film cartridge and reminds me a lot of those old instants of my youth. The camera is only offered in shiny black and has a macro lens for close-up shots as close as 30cm. It has an intelligent flash, exposure indicator display, and brightness control to darken or lighten photos. The camera can be tripod mounted and has a shiny black finish. The little camera sells for $129.99 Canadian and has some cool touches. One of the coolest features is a button on two sides for activating the shutter allowing portrait or landscape photos.

The camera uses Instax Mini Instant Film that sells for $19.99 per package in Canada. The film is ISO 800 and there are 20 exposures and the photos have a glossy color finish. The photos are 2" x 3" with the image taking up 1.8" x 2.4" of the space. The cameras and the film are in stores in Canada right now. There is no word on availability in other states.