Fuji unveils new FinePix F600 EXR digital camera

Fujifilm has been making digital cameras for a long time now and the latest new digital camera to carry the name is the FinePix F600 EXR. The camera is a compact unit and promises to define new picture taking possibilities for compact cameras. The F600 EXR has a new 16MP EXR-CMOS sensor that used EXR Auto with Motion Detection Capability to reduce the blurring on your subject in some lighting conditions. The camera also has integrated GPS.

The GPS does more than just geotag images though; it has a Landmark Navigator feature that will help the photographer find their exact location. The lens is a 15x optical zoom wide-angle that has an intelligent digital zoom mode. The lens is the 35mm equivalent of a 24-360mm lens. The intelligent digital zoom feature promises to boost sharpness when the digital zoom is used for better quality.

The image sensor is a backside illuminated CMOS unit with good low light performance. The camera knows when the subject is moving and will change ISO and settings automatically to reduce blur. The GPS mode shows you where famous landmarks are in relation to the user's current position. The rear LCD is 3-inches wide.

[via Fujifilm]