Frontier FRNL - the hardcore version of the MacBook Air

This laptop weighs less than the MacBook Air at 1.249kg compared to the MBA's 1.36kg, and it's only marginally larger than the MBA at 296x30.8x209mm with the thinnest point being 12.5mm. The only place where this notebook lacks is in the performance department, but it makes up for it.

Performance wise it has an 800MHz processor, a gig of RAM, a 12.1" LED backlit LCD with an SXGA resolution, an 80GB HDD, and WiFi in a, b, and g flavors. However, the Frontier computer has a waterproof keyboard, a body that can stand up to 120 kilos of pressure or a drop from up to 76 centimeters.

So, its no workaholic, but the battery life is probably pretty amazing, its fairly durable, and with the fingerprint scanner that's built in offers up the security features to make it the perfect notebook for field agents who aren't doing anything processor intensive anyways. It also has Ethernet, a Modem, a PCMCIA card slot, a card reader for what looks like CF and then another for SD, 3 USB ports, VGA out, and audio in and out.

[via akihabranews]