French ExoPC Slate tablet machine tips up with Windows 7

Now that Apple has tossed the iPad out of the shadows and into the lime light we can expect a glut of competing tablets to debut. We already have the HP Slate tablet and there are grumblings of new tablets coming weekly. A new tablet has turned up today called the ExoPC Slate.

I wonder how much HP will appreciate the machine going by the Slate moniker. The ExoPC Slate runs Windows 7 and takes advantage of the baked in multi-touch capability of the OS. The screen of the little Slate is 8.9-inches and the device supports Flash. An onscreen keyboard is featured for typing and data entry.

Other features of the device include the ability to view live TV broadcasts and HD broadcasts. The device has PMP functionality and can tune radio stations from francophone world. Support for digital books is built-in. The processor in the tablet is an Atom N270 and it features 2GB of RAM. Storage is to a 32GB SSD and the machine has WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 10/100 port. Basically, you are looking at a netbook in a slate form factor. Pricing is unknown at this time.