Freetalk adapter puts Skype on your home phone

If you are a big user of Skype and you want to free your ability to talk from a handset or speaker connected to your computer the Freetalk adapter is for you. This adapter's official name is the Freetalk Home Phone Adapter for Skype. The device is available in certain areas including the UK for £39.99 and connects to your AC outlet, home phone, and your network.

You can still make normal calls on your phone and you can call Skype and mobile numbers using the adapter. The adapter can store up to 100 speed dials and 200 Skype contacts and only needs access to a computer for the initial set up. A broadband connection is required to use the device. All of the cables needed are included in the box.

The adapter comes with up to 300 minutes of international talk out of the box and is a good backup for emergency situations. In addition to the adapter, the same company is offering a GE digital cordless expandable phone that has Skype integrated.