Freedrum lets you make real drum beats by air drumming

A new product called Freedrum promises to take air drumming to a whole new level, allowing anyone to create beats using a pair of smart drum sticks. You don't need an actual set of drums to play them with Freedrum — rather, each stick is equipped with sensors and smart tech that works with your smartphone and a mobile app. The best part? You can put a pair of earbuds in and won't have to hear anyone complain about your skills.

Freedrum isn't the sticks themselves, but rather the small black gizmos you see attached to them. These items are equipped with sensors and tech that pairs them with your smartphone, where they work with a mobile app to produce drum sounds. Drumming in one spot produces certain sounds. Drumming in another spot produces different sounds. Anyone familiar with a traditional set of drums should be able to air drum like usual, but with the added benefit of actually hearing your beats.

The sensors can be placed on your feet as well for simulating kick drums. The items fit any drum stick size, as well, and can be slipped off for easy transport and storing when not in use. The team behind Freedrum says the items support iOS and GarageBand, with the recommended devices being iPads and iPhones using iOS 10. However, they say they've also been able to use the devices with Android (though there's a slight lag), Windows and macOS.

The team is seeking funding for Freedrum on Kickstarter, where it has sold out its "First Bird" special but is still offering an "Early Bird" pledge option at $79 USD or more. This option will get you the Freedrum Kit and a process booklet. Shipping is estimated to start in August 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter