Freecom debuts thinnest mobile hard drive in the world just for Macs

Freecom has unveiled the thinnest mobile hard drive in the world and aimed it directly at the Mac user looking for style and portability. The HDD has 750GB of storage inside and offers USB 3.0 and FireWire connectivity for fast operation. The thin drive has a case made from magnesium making it lightweight and very strong to protect the data stored on it from the outside world.

The 320GB drive measures in at 10mm thick and the actual HDD inside the case is only 7mm thick. The 750GB version is a bit thicker at 12mm thick with the USB 3.0 connectivity and the 750GB version that adds FireWire to the USB 3.0 is also 12mm thick.

The three version of the Mobile Drive Mg are all 100% Time Machine compatible. The 320GB USB 3.0 HDD is 79,95 eur, the 750GB USB 3.0 only drive is 119,95 eur, and the 750GB USB 3.0 and FireWire HDD is 129,95 eur. The exact availability date is unannounced at this time.