Franklin launches new AnyBook DRP-4000 that reads any book for your kid

Franklin is probably best known for its line of digital translators and dictionaries. The company also has other gear like the new DRP-4000 that is designed specifically for kids that can't read yet and want to enjoy books. The device is literally a reader for kids that looks more like a pen than what we think of as a digital reader like the Kindle.

The AnyBook Reader doesn't need special software or a computer to work. It is easy for small kids to use with only three buttons needed for all of the devices functionality. A kid using the device can pick any book and sticker the page with a special sticker on each page. As the kid goes through the book, they can tap the page's sticker and then a reader can record each page.

The page is recorded by someone who can read and then in the future when the child wants to read the book all they need to do is tap the sticker with the AnyBook device and a recording of person who read the book will play along with each page. There are two versions of the AnyBook that differ in the amount of storage inside. The DRP-3000 has 15 hours of storage and costs $39.99. The DRP-4000 has 60 hours of storage and retails for $59.99.