François Vogel Previews Device That Syncs Your Blinks to a Monitor for 3D Viewing [Video]

François Vogel is a visual artist that hates 3D. And while the debate about 3D being the next step of entertainment is still a hotly-debated topic, the consensus that most people don't want to wear 3D glasses to watch 3D entertainment seems pretty straight forward: they don't want to wear them. Vogel doesn't want to wear them, either, and so he's created a gadget that gets around the glasses by actually syncing your blinks to a monitor. The device attaches to the sides of your eyes, and then makes you blink when necessary.

According to Vogel, the gadget is meant to simulate 3D active shutter glasses. He points out that the technology will only work on a monitor or display that features a 120Hz refresh rate. As for information regarding the gadget and technology behind it (other than making you blink a lot, and quickly), Vogel is holding back. He plans on showing it all off at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012.

You can watch Vogel talk about the device in the video below, and then you can discuss in the comments below whether or not this is something you'd ever consider buying. Other than the fact that it may not be the best for your eyelids, how do you think something like this would be accepted, or rejected, in the general market?

[via DVICE]