Foxconn's Brazilian address is now on Steve Jobs Avenue

I think many would agree that out of all the companies and people that made Foxconn so successful Steve Jobs and Apple are likely the most important. Jobs passed away last year. The day after Jobs died a request was placed in Brazil to change the name of the street where Foxconn's Brazilian plant is to Steve Jobs Avenue.

The official name in Portuguese is Avenida Steve Jobs. The name change was presented as a bill in the city of JundiaĆ­ in southeast Brazil last October. The name change was approved on March 27 of 2012. iPhones have been produced at the Brazilian Foxconn plant for a long time and plans to move some iPad production there are underway as well making the road an obvious choice to rename in Jobs' honor.

Interestingly, Forbes reports that Brazilians pay more than any other consumers in the world for Apple products. Brazilian consumers pay an average of 28% more for their Apple gear. However, I would wager Foxconn is one of the biggest employers in the city of JundiaĆ­ making it key to the local economy.

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