Fox News Twitter account hacked, Obama not shot

Am I the only one that thinks that hackers have got out of hand recently? Not a day goes by that hackers haven't worked their way into something or other, stolen data, and posted it online as a way to brag about their hacking prowess. The latest victim of hackers is the twitter account of Fox News and the hack was a very public and embarrassing one for the news site. I have to think that this hack may end up being the one the person or persons responsible eventually come to regret.

The photo of the hacked messages posted above tells the story. The hacks centered on the alleged assassination of President Barack Obama. According to the messages Obama was shot. The tweets were from the foxnewspolitics account of the Fox News organization and the account has 33,000 followers. The hacks was claimed by the group calling itself "Scriptkiddies" via twitter and the groups account was suspended within an hour of the post claiming responsibility for the attack. The group opened a new twitter account after the first was suspended.

It's also worth noting that the hacker group has now deleted the posts that said the hacker was made by them according Thenextweb. I still don't understand why these hacker groups take pride in tricking people and posting private details from the accounts they hack online. I suspect that the Secret Service and Obama himself will not see the humor in this. These hacker groups continue to poke authorities with a sharp stick and eventually they will be caught. Considering the Secret Service investigates death threats against the president this group may well get more than they expected.

[via Thenextweb]