Foursquare updates iOS app to version 5.5, improves Explore feature

During what appears to be today's trend of updated iOS apps, Foursquare has just rolled out an update to its app for the iPhone, improving its Explore feature and taking it to version 5.5. With the updated feature, users can explore nearby places with less hassle, seeing more options on a single screen so they don't have to toy around in search of the perfect location.

All the best parts about the feature haven't changed, however, so loyal users don't have to worry about unfavorable changes. Location data, such as ratings, friend visits, specials, and tips are all still displayed. Tapping through a specific location will then provide additional data, such as instructions on how to get there and, in the case of restaurants, menu information.

In order to facilitate the additional locations displayed, the Explore feature has been redesigned, which will be obvious to anyone who has used the previous version of the app. The most-recommended locations will be displayed at the top, and new locations will be highlighted so you don't miss them, and information about trends will also be provided.

All the other features are there as well, such as the ability to check in to locations and remember the ones you like. Personalized recommendations are provided as well, providing a more personal experience. Foursquare users can grab the updated app over at the App Store; it's available for iOS 5.5 and later, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

[via Foursquare]