Foursquare shows us where people watched the Super Bowl

Yesterday, as all Super Bowls are, was a massive celebration of American tradition and an event that brought millions of people together. So you know what that means – it's time to analyze all the different possible social media channels that were impacted. We already know it was a record-setting day on Twitter, and now here's a look at where people checked in all around the country to various Super Bowl events.

Around 350,000 people around the country remembered to log into their Foursquare account while they were still sober and check in to a Super Bowl event. Nearly 3,000 Foursquare users checked in from the stadium in Indianapolis itself. Aside from that, as can be expected, there was an enormous cluster all along the northeast coast, stretching from well below New York all the way up through New England. But even areas that didn't have a dog in the fight still reveled in the partying atmosphere that the Super Bowl always brings.

Oh, and here's a surprising stat – according to Foursquare, 49% of the people who checked in at a Super Bowl even were women, quashing two stereotypes at once and proving women are technologically up to speed and also like sports. Or, at least they have a boyfriend who likes sports and while they were bored they decided to log into Foursquare. Yeah, let's go with that one. And beyond the US, Foursquare noted that there were "Super Bowl" check-ins in 117 countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Russia, and Japan.

[via Wired]