Four-player Pong coffee table

A bunch of the kids of the 80's like me started out gaming on Pong. It was boring then and it is still boring to me. If you want to relive some of your childhood memories of Pong glory, you need this coffee table in your living room. The only catch is you have to build it and need some parts from an old Atari.

The DIY Pong table you see here isn't the first Pong table we have seen, we mentioned this one back in 2008 that looks similar. The good news with this new project is that you can roll your own with the steps offered over at Instructables. The controls use old Atari paddle controllers, which I remember fondly from Pole Position.

Power for the table gets power from four AA batteries. The play works by using the controller to move your paddle to bound the Pong ball back to your opponent. An 8-bit microcontroller at 8MHz powers the game and the screen is 900 LEDs arranged in a 30 x 30 matrix.